More Twitter Touting

No, no one’s paying me to write a second straight post touting Twitter. I’m doing it for a few reasons. First, as a Twitter newbie, I’m discovering more each day about what a powerful PD tool it is for educators. The latest attraction for me: chat groups for specific target audiences—so far I’ve plugged in to groups for new teachers, math teachers, English teachers, science teachers, school administrators, and educators in general. And in each case I’ve benefited from others’ insights and resources, and in some cases shared a few of my own.

Reason #2 for writing this: a lot of teachers (people in general for that matter) are tentative when it comes to technology—me included. The beauty of Twitter, though, is it’s easy to use, and there are plenty of resources to help you get started, including First In Education’s recent blog post, A Guide to Using Twitter for Teachers.

Third, I want to clear up a misperception I’ve heard that joining Twitter carries the expectation that you have to bare your soul to the world. On the contrary, if you’re uncomfortable at first (or always) about putting your ideas out there, no problem. There’s no pressure to share, and in fact, just being an active “listener” will allow you to benefit from others’ tweets.

Fourth, Twitter has great potential as a classroom resource—check out the First in Education post I mentioned above for more on this. So there you have it, four reasons for twisting your arm to join Twitter. And oh yes, there’s a fifth: so that you can follow my tweets—I’m providing links on Twitter to provocative articles and practical resources that you won’t get if you only subscribe to my blog.


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