Get Set® for Summer

Are your students already on summer vacation mentally? Try bringing them back with Set®, the visual perception game that’ll feel like free time to students despite taking as much concentration and brain power as anything they’ve done all year.

And yet as challenging as it is, Set® is great for kids as young as six—non-readers included. Just one caution: it’ll take a half hour or so for students (and you) to catch on, so be prepared for initial frustration. But once kids get the hang of it, they’ll be hooked.

There was only a card game version of Set® when I was teaching, so I only played with small classes (like when a few kids were left behind on field trip days). But they now offer electronic options, including a free daily online puzzle—a great way to introduce the game in class if you have an LCD projector and laptop.

You’ll notice other games at the Set® website. I can vouch for Quiddler®—a word game that’s challenging yet pretty easy to learn—but haven’t played the others.


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