Smiling Seating Charts

Here’s a simple idea that’s great for classroom organization and culture: photographic seating chart posters. And as elementary school as this may sound, middle and high school students get into it too, since all kids appreciate anything that conveys to them that it’s their classroom. And seeing your mug on the wall alongside those of your classmates certainly does that.

As for getting started, there may be more efficient ways, but here’s how I did it in my technology-limited days (photo below):

    1. Laminate one poster board per class.
    2. Insert 2-1/2″ w x 3-1/2″ h photos of students into baseball card plastic protector sleeves.
    3. Mount the plastic sleeves on the board according to your actual seating chart, using adhesive backed Velcro strips.
    4. Write students’ names under their photos using a wet erase pen (also identify the class at the top if you teach multiple classes).
    5. Post the boards on a side or rear wall.
    6. Detach and relocate the plastic sleeves with the pictures still inside whenever you reassign seats.

Again, an easy way to create a more upbeat, organized classroom. And students aren’t the only ones that love this idea—you know what I mean if you’ve ever substitute taught like I have.

Say cheese.


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